Birmingham Man Caught With 500k in 20 Pound Notes, Then Released

Matt From Birmingham , United Kingdom

If you live in United Kingdom, this may be the most interesting article that you ever read.

28 Year Old Matt Nel became a millionaire almost overnight after two of his classmates from University of London created​ an automated bitcoin trading platform called "Bitcoin Revolution". The instant success led authorities to become suspicious, ultimately leading to his arrest. The charges were cleared last night, as Matt described the software platform, Bitcoin Revolution, and that it was 100% legal. The idea is simple: Allow the average person to participate in the Bitcoin boom - even if there is little money for investment or know-how.

"Bitcoin Revolution" is a trading platform with exclusive access to 100's of cryptocurrencies. An algorithm developed by the two friends uses an advanced algorithm that trades crypto currency on autopilot. It buys crypto currency when it's low, and sells when it's high.

The average user makes £4,000 by their 2nd week and usually starts with the minimum investment of £190.

When we first heard about Bitcoin Revolution, we were skeptical. How could making money be so easy? Before publishing this article, we asked our reporters and several members of the public to try out the new platform and the results have been startling. Jeremy Piven, our very own Daily News reporter managed to make £4,216 within his first week of trading, while Kristy, 37 from Liverpool amassed a small fortune of £6,092.

We interviewed the CTO of Bitcoin Revolution, Robert Drijver, so that he can better explain how Bitcoin Revolution works.

Can you tell us how Bitcoin Revolution works?
Bitcoin Revolution is not just a trading platform, we use software to analyze trends. Our traders have access to millions of automated robots that use social media and collect real-time data - messages, images, text, videos and everything that people are publicly saying. Then we analyze all this data, looking for topics related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Once we have a specific topic about a crypto currency that reflects a trend, we analyze whether the trend is positive or negative. If the trend is positive, we bet that the price will rise. If the trend is negative, we bet that the coin will fall. It is really that simple.
How often does a Bitcoin Revolution make a mistake?
Not at all that often. What people say on social media is real, it is there and it is true, so we rarely make mistakes. Our software is still in the beta phase, but already shows 93% successful trade transactions. This means that on 100 transactions that are automatically executed by Bitcoin Revolution, 93 will be profitable.
How much money can an ordinary Bitcoin Revolution user earn?
It depends heavily on the money they invest and the trader they work with. Let us take a general user who starts with £250 and £10 per transaction bet. In 24 hours, the Bitcoin Revolution platform will have carried out approximately 200 transactions, based on trends on social media. Approximately 174 of these transactions will be profitable and 26 loss-making. That means that this user will win around £1,740 and lose £260. That means a profit of £1,480 on a single day. Some small commissions are added by the trader, but this is usually less than 2%.
Has it ever happened that a user has lost his investment?
No, it has never happened that a user has lost his invested capital. Even in the worst cases, profit was always made.
Individual news feeds? Do we need to give access to it?
No, we do not need access to your news feed. We consult the news feed using automated systems, they are simply algorithms looking for keywords. In addition, we don't ask for any personal information besides name and email. We take your privacy very seriously and will never take risks that could harm our users.
How much much does it cost to talk with a Bitcoin Revolution Trader?
We do not charge for the advice from our Traders, but they charge a small trading fee which is anywhere from 1.7% to 2.5%, depending on the volume of the transaction. But they are well worth it, last week if you would have started trading with £190, you would have made £725 in the first 24 hours.
When will Bitcoin Revolution be available?
We plan to release Bitcoin Revolution to the public in 2 months. Right now we are giving free access to the next 500 users who use the Bitcoin Revolution system.

After the interview, Matt Nel offered to show us Bitcoin Wealth APP in action. Before our own eyes, Bitcoin Revolution started executing transactions and was making money on autopilot.

Matt Nel has traded amounts up to 6 digits and has made over £680,000 this year with Bitcoin Revolution. He gladly explained to us the simple steps on how he started and provided us with a link to watch the Bitcoin Revolution video

The first step was fairly simple - I entered in some information such as first name, last name, e-mail address and telephone number. After the form was forwarded, I ended up on the Bitcoin Revolution dashboard. Everything looked pretty simple, but I was clueless when it came to Cryptocurrency.

The next step was to get on a call with a trusted Bitcoin Wealth APP trader. This is where things really started to make sense. He explained to me that if I had invested £17 into Bitcoin in 2011, it would be worth £295,000. Then he explained that if the trend is negative, I bet that the share will fall. And visa-versa. It is really that simple.

I was a bit skeptical, so my trader suggested I start trading with the minimum £190. I used my visa to add the money and selected a few coins based off my traders advice.

Bitcoin Revolution started executing transactions and within hours made profit on 87 out of 93 picks. With the picks my Bitcoin Revolution showed me, I waited only 23 hours and when I came back I already had £700.66 in my account.

I started with only £190 and after less than 2 weeks made £1,280 in a SINGLE DAY! Since then, Bitcoin Revolution has helped me make millions. Last week I read about how Sweden, Germany, China, Japan and North Korea are adopting their own Crypto currency. At that moment, I knew this was a real financial revolution.

I highly suggest using my Bitcoin Revolution rep Mark F. He helped me make this money in just a couple weeks and it changed my life forever, this platform makes it so EASY and I look forward to when Bitcoin hits £50,000.


An incredible thing has just happened. Robert just told us that Bitcoin Revolution is giving the first 500 sign ups get a FREE 1-ON-1 TRAINING with a trusted Bitcoin Revolution Specialist! Today you can learn how to make MILLIONS with Bitcoin starting with as little as a £190 investment. As of writing this article there are only 313 positions left so get access to Bitcoin Revolution today.

Here's how you can guarantee your place right now:

Step 1: Enter Your Details To Sign Up For A Free Account

Step 2: Deposit The Initial Minimum Investment Of £190

Step 3: Withdraw Your Profits (or keep them invested to generate more profit!)

TRY Bitcoin Revolution TODAY

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Tohloria Lewis
So guys, this is my first week on Bitcoin Revolution. I received an invitation, exactly on the day that the system went live! So far it works super for me. My income is about £612 after the first 5 days and it slowly increases :)
Tanya Porquez ·
Thank you for sharing :D
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Jennifer Jackson Mercer
Wow, cool!
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Michael Cash ·
Fast money on the internet, is it not a myth at last? :D
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David Barrott ·
Oh man, it's my second day and I have £853 on my account. I love Bitcoin Revolution!
Like Reply 387 3 hrs
Amanda Gibson ·
How does it work? How can you carry out transactions?
Like Reply 258 7 min
Julie Keyse ·
Amanda, it all runs automatically. All you have to do is start autotrader. Then you can chill and watch how the money rolls in. You can not believe it, but it is really that simple!
Like Reply 227 9 min
Peter Williams ·
Wow, it sounds good! I want in!
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Kirsten Bauman Riley
I bought my first bitcoin yesterday and I'm really excited to see what this can do for me over the coming days....See More
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Celia Kilgard ·
worked for me! It worked just like I thought it would. It was easy enough and I just want others to know when something works.
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Alanna 'martin' Payne ·
Thanks for the info, just started using the platform.
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Logan Chang ·
Been so busy with my kids lately, but this fits in just fine. I've traded up around £162 in 4 days. It's small, but a really good start!
Like Reply 1239 21 min
Mark Fadlevich ·
I've been so impressed by this, I've deposited over £300 into my account so far and made back more than 4 times that amount.
Like Reply 430 4 hrs
Ashley O'Brien Berlin
Really easy to use and really fast. I'm not really a technical person, but I got the hang of this easy. It has made me around £120 after just a day!!...
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Beth Zaremba ·
Just signed up, wish me luck people.
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Jonathan Jackson ·
My friend just e-mailed me this, a friend at work had told her about it. i guess it works really well
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Travis Wilson Hodge ·
Telling all my friends about this, thanx for the info
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Dean Phongsa ·
Wasn't sure about signing up, but I am so glad I did. I've made like £85 after just 2 hours on the platform. Really easy and really fast, nothing could be simplier
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Molly Murley Davis ·
Should I quit my college? And become full time autotrader? :D
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Jenna Ponchot Bush
This would have to be the easiest way to invest in bitcoin ever, even I was able to do it with virtually no previous experience in the area.
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Kyle Miranda ·
I have tried so much of this kind of stuff, in one sense I want to try it but in the back of my mind I am thinking, yeah right!! Someone please reassure me it works.
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Tom Bergheger
I tried the platform thing a while ago and it worked pretty good for me....
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Eitan Silver ·
A few of my friends had invested in bitcoin and made an absolute killing do it, I'm going to be joining them soon.
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Gotmy Mindframe Right ·
Had no idea you could get results like this, does anybody know if you can invest in other currencies.
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